Planning a Funeral

Death is not an easy thing to talk about or to plan for. But this is no reason not to talk about or to plan for it. With the following form, we are giving you the opportunity to help plan for your funeral.

IF YOU ARE A FAMILY MEMBER PLANNING A FUNERAL, or if you are planning your own, in advance, here are some of the questions you might want to think about.  And please make sure family members know where to find your page of plans, so that they know what to do.

Pastors also recommend that people have wills, living wills and medical directives in place too. If you want to, you may print out this page, write in your thoughts, and have it on file privately at Lebanon.

funeral planning

Today, memorial services are sometimes delayed until summer due to families that cannot travel.  Sometimes a funeral is held in the evening to accommodate work and school needs.  Sometimes we travel to the cemetery early in the morning and have a funeral and a meal much later.