Members Prayed For

May 2022

Jon and Danielle DeMumbrum & Elara

Kyle DeVries

Megan Crouch

Diane Eastman

Beth (Eaton) and Matt Stone & Jack

April 2022

Minnie Estlund

Savanhni Chittisane

Curt and Cheri Crouch

Nancy Dahl


March 2022

Mardi Baumann

Megan and Seth Ahrenholz, Alice, Lucy and Silas

Lisa and Mike Clark

Jacob and Victoria Brachmann

February 2022

**special request for Kennedy Wahr, daughter of Rob and Brittney Wahr – surgical procedure

** special prayer request for Jamison Jeffery  – Covid diagnosis 2/5/22

Amy Swope

Mary and Terry Beekman

Mary Koernen

Jone Benedict


November 2021

Emma and David Greenwood; Addie & Ryan

Erma Hinze

Bernie Weidner

Jeff Hendrixon


October 2021

Donna Ginn

Steve and Ranee Green

Brian Hosticka

Steve and Elena Green

Marlene Holmstrom


September 2021

Troy and Mary Gallihugh

Bill Hosticka

Jenny Lynn and Dan Girvan

David Hosticka


August 2021

Ginny and Larry Foster

Susan Katzwinkle

Jake and Elin Frietsch; Anna, Elizabeth & August

Julie Ostrander

Bernie Weidner